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Kayo Tatebe was born and raised in Japan and studied with the founder of Seitai, Haruchika Noguchi, while she was a young woman living in Tokyo. After his death, she continued her studies with his wife, Akiko Noguchi. This elegant and gentle form of healing had a great influence on Mrs. Tatebe and refined her ability to work with energy. She is now a student of Hirosuke Noguchi, a master practitioner and the son of the founder. She has been thoroughly educated in the disciplines of Seitai: Katsugen Undo, Yuki, and Seitai Soho, and is a consultant for the Noguchi dojo in Tokyo.

Kayo Tatebe is a Seitai practitioner and consultant for the original Seitai dojo in Tokyo, founded by Haruchika Noguchi. She will be offering the following Seitai workshops in 2012:

March 2012: Rome and London
June 2012: Rome and London
September 2012: Rome and London
December 2012: Rome and London

She is also available for individual and small group Yuki sessions by appointment. Please note that in order to be eligible for a Yuki treatment, you must have taken at least one of Ms. Tatebe’s workshop and undergone katsugen-undo.

What Participants Can Expect

In this highly interactive 2-day Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Increase awareness about the fundamental relationship between body and mind and the role of energy
  • Learn a time-honored method of calling on your body’s natural energy and innate physical movement
  • Get advice on recognizing and dealing with your body’s reactions to external stimuli

Who Should Attend

Seitai workshops are ideal for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of their health and body. Due to its relative ease of execution and integration into daily life, it is an accessible technique to most people. Therapists, health professionals, and those with a desire to improve their physical and well-being will particularly benefit from these workshops.

For questions or more information, please contact