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About Seitai

Haruchika Noguchi

"Seitai means Healing from Within. Everyone can do it. The Body Moves Spontaneously and Success comes by Itself."

Seitai was founded by Haruchika Noguchi and literally translated it means 'the Harmonious Body'.

It works according to the principle of Self-Healing.

The goal of practice is to awaken Life energy (Ki) and to cause it to flow better.

Blockages Dissolve and the Body becomes more Sensitive in a Healthy way.

The movement in Seitai (Katsugen Undo) is a Spontaneous Expression of the Subconscious - 'Movement which come from life', Master Noguchi used to say.

It is an unmediated expression of our Being and our Inner Power.

'Katsu' means vital or living, 'Gen' means the source and 'Undo' can be translated as (bodily) motion.

With Katsugen Undo you learn to reach the source of your Ki through spontaneous movements.

The emphasis is on 'spontaneous', because there is no prescription for how you have to move.

The only important thing is to let your energies flow freely and unhindered in the body.

How does it function?

With the help of three preparatory 'releasing' movements, you stimulate the body to awaken Katsugen Undo unconscious movements, which you can then (meditatively, passively) observe.

The intuitive movements are summoned by the subconscious, not the conscious mind.

Movements result from the body's demands as it tries to bring itself back to its center.

Everyone already knows such movements, because we make them in a certain way in sleep, even if we do not perceive them consciously.

Benefits of Seitai Practice

In the waking state we make very many controlled movements (sitting, walking, sports, etc.), which are not always beneficial for our well-being.

Katsugen Undo helps us to find our way back to naturalness in our body.

When you have practiced Katsugen Undo for a longer time, you will notice that something changes in you.

For example, your perception could become more intensive, or your breathing slower and deeper, your hands warmer and more sensitive; you may have fewer back and shoulder pains. Perhaps you notice that you sit or walk in a more relaxed way, and your muscle tone could become gentler.

Soho and Yuki

In particular, when your hands become more sensitive, you can begin to work more intensely. You can use your hands as healing hands.

In Seitai this technique is called 'Yuki'. Through the sensitivity and intuition you acquire you learn to perceive the energy flow of another person and to influence it positively.

Yuki can be practiced by anyone once they become sensitive to the Ki.

At the highest level, Seitai also includes an advanced bodywork system, Seitai Soho.